About Us

We are a survivor-centered global movement campaigning to end childhood sexual violence.

Millions of children worldwide experience sexual violence. This threatens the safety and protection of all children and adolescents in our communities.

Childhood sexual violence remains a taboo and continues to affect individuals, families and communities globally. For many years, victims have been silenced, stigmatized, and shamed whilst perpetrators have been exempt from justice.

That changes now: sexual violence against children must be recognized worldwide as an unacceptable, preventable, and criminal act.

We are survivors of sexual violence with different backgrounds and experiences, and we share a common knowledge of what it’s like to feel alone, to be hidden, to live scared and to hold onto misplaced blame. We know what it is like to carry shame and are working to ensure that others do not experience this.

Through the Brave Movement, we are transforming our shame into a call for bold and transformative action.