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End Childhood Sexual Violence

We are a brave survivor-centered global movement fighting to end childhood sexual violence.

Sexual violence against children and adolescents is the silent scourge of our time threatening the safety and protection of children and adolescents everywhere.

We demand bold and transformative action from global leaders:


to protect current and future generations.


for victims, survivors, and their families.


for perpetrators and the complicit.

Our Campaigns

We run several campaigns spearheaded by our survivor leaders.
Currently we are running:

Mobilize Billions

Demand global finance for a global scourge

Demand Justice

We're calling on all governments to ensure that survivors have effective access to justice through abolishing statute of limitations everywhere


We are calling for a child rights and protection driven approach to creating a safe internet

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Survivors of childhood sexual violence from G7 countries and beyond launched a petition asking leaders of the world’s richest countries to take bold action to end childhood sexual violence - so that what happened to them never happens to another child. Please sign!
Thanks to your support this petition is one of the top signed on - can you help?

Ending Childhood Sexual Violence: #BeBrave G7 Scorecard

On the eve of the 2022 G7 Summit, the Brave Movement announced the End Childhood Sexual Violence #BeBrave G7 Scorecard at an emergency press conference - a scathing assessment of global leaders’ lack of progress to end sexual violence against children.

The Scorecard is the first ever comparative assessment of G7 policies to tackle the humanitarian crisis of childhood sexual violence and clearly demonstrates the need for G7 leaders to take immediate action.


Released June 24 2022


Germany and globally


Brave Movement and Allies

Read and share the scorecard!

Brave Movement in the News

The New York Times

How to Help Girls Enduring the Unendurable. Nicholas Kristof opinion.

Australian E-Safety Commissioner

Online service providers are required to report on how they are implementing the Basic Online Safety Expectations set out by the Australian Government.

World Health Organization

"What Works to Prevent Online Violence against Children," new report from WHO on ways to keep children safe online and how to prevent child sexual abuse, including grooming and sexual image abuse.

Find a Helpline

Need help now for yourself or someone you know? Find a helpline in your country.



Our movement welcomes all survivors and allies to join the global effort to end childhood sexual violence. To do so safely and without harm, we invite all participants and visitors to read the following guidelines.

Under-18 Disclosure Guidelines (annex 6)

Advice if you are under 18 and want to tell someone that you are being (or have been) sexually abused

Over-18 Disclosure Guidelines (annex 6)

Advice if you are an adult and want to tell someone that you are being (or have been) sexually abused

Under-18 Listening Guidelines (annex 6)

How to listen to a disclosure from a young survivor under 18

Over-18 Listening Guidelines (annex 6)

How to listen if an adult survivor comes to you and what you should do