Are you keen to join our powerful global collective fighting for the rights of all children and adolescents to live in safety and with dignity – free from sexual violence?

Then we welcome you to become a member of the Brave Movement.


Brave Movement members are a collective network of survivors, allies, and organizations who share a common passion, mission and vision to end childhood sexual violence everywhere, for every child and adolescent. Members work in close communication and collaboration with the Brave Movement on agreed initiatives and campaigns.


The Brave Movement is grounded in healing, safety and political action. Organizations and individuals wishing to become members of the Brave Movement must adhere to a set of criteria and commit to upholding Brave and Together for Girls policies and the Membership Pledge and Agreement.

We kindly encourage you to review these documents and policies prior to submitting an application. 


Brave Movement members will receive support from other members and the Brave Movement Action Team to participate fully in collective efforts, including through masterclass workshops and networking opportunities.

Being a member of the Brave Movement offers:

  • Strength in numbers as a vital and expanding global network in the international fight against child sexual violence on and offline;
  • Opportunities to communicate your work using Brave Movement assets and branding;
  • Inclusion in conversations, exchange of knowledge and participating in joint advocacy;
  • Collaborating on campaign projects and activities for greater impact;
  • Access to the knowledge of other participants and survivor leaders, as well as chances for capacity- and skill-building;
  • Opportunities to participate in task forces, working groups, or committees for Brave;
  • Possibility of taking part in Brave’s strategic planning and governance processes.


When two or more Brave Movement members collaborate, they can form Brave Movement Platforms at national or regional levels. These Platforms include a mix of institutional and individual members, as well as allies, aiming to advance Brave Movement objectives, advocacy, and campaigns. While Brave Movement Platforms are intended to be loosely formed coalitions, these groups should involve a significant proportion of Brave members and survivor-centred organizations to ensure that survivor voices are supported, protected, and promoted within the Platform and its activities. Brave Movement Platforms are self-organized, guided by a shared purpose, and seek to increase the impact of individual advocacy efforts while strengthening capacity within the Movement.

By complementing and amplifying the expertise and voices of their members, Brave Movement Platforms generate influential advocacy that influences policy and decision-making processes. They engage in collective advocacy and campaigns, demonstrating strong support and solidarity while minimizing potential risk to individual members. Brave Movement Platforms play a vital role in driving impactful change within the Brave Movement.

If you’re interested in becoming a platform, please submit a membership application and reach out to us at


The Brave Movement also welcomes all allies! Brave Movement allies are individuals and civil society organizations demonstrating an active commitment to ending sexual violence against children. Being an ally to the Brave Movement means joining us in advocacy and campaigning efforts in the pursuit of  breaking the social, structural and systemic barriers that place children and adolescents at risk from sexual violence and block effective prevention, healing and justice.

As a Brave ally, you can be engaged in Brave Movement advocacy and campaigning without a formal membership role with Brave.

There are other ways too – please feel free to:

  • Visit our Take Action page to support campaigns, petitions, and projects organized by our members.
  • Follow @bravemovement on TwitterFacebook , or Instagram to spread the word.
  • Visit our Newsroom to learn more about childhood sexual violence and related issues in the media.
  • Sign up for our email updates to receive childhood sexual violence-related news and stories.