Brave Toolkit

We are the Brave Movement. A global network bringing together survivors of child sexual violence and allies. We are committed to ending all forms of sexual violence against children and adolescents everywhere. Together we can use our collective voice to speak out when there is silence. Together we are powerful.

The first-ever Brave Movement Global Survivors Action Summit took place on April 27, 2022, and brought together survivors of childhood sexual violence. Survivors came together to share their experiences and made demands for what is needed for prevention, and healing, across the world. They endorsed the Brave Movement’s “#BeBrave Global Call to Action” which centred on demands from National Calls to Action, a G7 Call to Action, solidarity statements, and campaigns developed by Survivors and allies in 20 countries around the world.

As survivors and allies, we are healing together by joining forces to catalyze bold action. We are transforming our pain into a collective passion for bold action. There are several actions you can take to speak out and act up when there is silence and inaction. Together we can and we will succeed!

There are lots of other ways to get involved with the Brave Movement! Take a look at Our Campaigns page for ideas and sign our petition to demand action from G7 leaders to end childhood sexual violence.