It’s Time for Tech to Prioritize Child Safety.

It’s Time for Tech to Prioritize Child Safety.

We all want our children to be safe online. But big tech companies are not doing enough to install safety measures into their platforms to bring healing and justice to survivors of child sexual violence. 

The technology to do so is available, but every day it’s not deployed children and young people suffer.

The Brave Movement is calling on some of the world’s richest, most powerful tech companies to protect survivors and children on their platforms, and we need your help. Join us in demanding tech companies: 

  • Detect, report, and remove child sexual abuse images and videos from online  storage services like iCloud, Google images, etc.
  • Ensure every update, feature and new product or game is designed with child safety in mind from the start. 
  • Provide easily accessible reporting capabilities for evidence of online child sexual abuse.
  • Default users under 18 to the highest privacy settings.

What does a safe internet look like?