Share Your Vision for a Safe Internet

What does a

safe internet

look like?

Social media, technology and gaming companies are putting profit over children’s safety by building products and services that allow childhood sexual violence to rise up and flood our online spaces.

It doesn’t have to be this way! We have the tools to stop this flood and build defenses so that the internet becomes a secure place for children to learn, play and connect with friends – free from danger, safe from people who would prey on them. The internet could become our greatest tool in protecting children, capturing perpetrators and ending childhood sexual violence on and offline.

Tell us what a safe internet looks like to you – we will use your visions to inspire our campaigns!

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An environment freed of cyberbullying, phishing, and the deploy of images of people without their consent.


– Having control on information about myself
– Relying on information / material being accurate.
– Knowing there are accountability mechanisms for the above to be true.

Roz, Portugal

Where tech companies remove CSAM, online hate, and other sensitive content.


A safe internet means other aspects of life are “safe”. The contents of the internet are sometimes a product of another safety issue.

Brianna, United States

A tool for connection & learning, not exploitation.


A place my son can use and enjoy safely.

Sarah, United Kingdom

A platform to learn, play, explore all curiousity, connect, express yourself, and make friends.

Anonymous, Switzerland

Where adult sites require more official verification and social media companies flag and remove unsafe actors.


A safe internet provides access to credible, age-appropriate information and opportunities for children, adolescents and youth to learn and explore; it’s a place where protection is prioritized over profit, and where service providers and platforms are held accountable for verifying users, protecting vulnerable user populations, detecting and removing harmful content, and aiding law enforcement in identifying those who perpetrate online sexual exploitation and abuse.

Chrissy, United States

People who hurt me can’t keep making me relive what they did.