About Us

We are a survivor-centered movement, fighting for the right of all children and adolescents to live a life in safety and with dignity free from sexual violence.

Tabitha Mpamira
Sexual violence against children and adolescents is an abhorrent global crisis putting children and adolescents at risk everywhere. This preventable scourge threatens the safety and protection of children and adolescents in all our communities.

Shrouded in secrecy, it strikes individuals, shakes families, and ravages communities worldwide. For too long perpetrators have been exempt from justice and punishment while survivors are engulfed in silence, stigma, and shame.

That changes now: sexual violence against children must be recognized worldwide as an unacceptable, preventable, and criminal act.

We are survivors

We are survivors with different backgrounds and our experiences with sexual violence are varied. But we share a common knowledge of what it’s like to feel alone, to be hidden, to live scared, and to hold onto misplaced blame. We know what it’s like to carry shame.

This is a burden we refuse to carry any longer. We are transforming our shame into our call for bold and transformative action through the Brave Movement:

For survivors everywhere to find healing, agency and their power to heal

For perpetration to be prevented and perpetrators held to account and brought to justice.

To enable adults, leaders, and institutions that perpetuate the silence to transform into allies.

Anyone who chooses to face this challenge head on, we welcome you as allies.

Together we will create a world where children and adolescents can grow up free from harm, so that no one has to go through what we have.

We are resilient, we are resourceful, and we are ready.

We are allies

We are tireless in our pursuit to ensure that every child and adolescent has the right to grow up free from the threat of sexual violence. Together:

We stand with the survivors in our lives and in our communities

We join survivors in their right to heal

We join survivors in their right for justice and accountability

We work every day to ensure that we are listening and learning from survivors

Together we are powerful

Together we use our collective voice to speak out when there is silence. We make children aware of the risks they face - both on- and off-line - and hold adults accountable to mitigate those threats. We safeguard our homes, communities, sports teams, places of worship, schools, and the online world to ensure children are free from harm and risk.

Together we demand bold and transformative action from global leaders:


Prevention to protect current and future generations


Healing for victims, survivors and their families


Justice for perpetrators and the complicit

We are a global network bringing together both survivors and allies to engage in powerful and coordinated advocacy and campaigning. We are committed to a common vision and mission to end all forms of sexual violence against children and adolescents everywhere.

We are brave, so that all children and adolescents can be safe everywhere.