We Demand

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Brave Movement Around the World

The Brave Movement is working hard to end childhood sexual violence everywhere, for every child. We are campaigning nationally and internationally for catalytic action. You can play a part. Together we can, and we will succeed.

Our Theory of Change

The Brave Movement’s Theory of Change provides the foundation upon which we will create the social change urgently needed to end sexual violence against children and adolescents by 2030.

#BeBrave Global Day of Action

Survivors, partners and allies around the world took action to break the silence surrounding childhood sexual violence on the Global Day of Action on 9 June. Take a look at what was done and use the social media toolkit to raise awareness on your own channels!

#BeBrave Global Call to Action

Our #BeBrave Global Call to Action draws on the demands from National Calls to Action, a G7 Call to Action, solidarity statements, and campaigns developed so far by Survivors and allies in 22 countries around the world.

#BeBrave National Calls to Action

Survivors, survivor networks and allies have come together in countries around the world to make demands that will mobilize billions for prevention, healing, and justice programs, abolishing statute of limitations, and to ensure children rights driven approaches to ensure internet safety.

Advocacy and Campaigning Toolkit

If you are a campaigner or advocacy organization, there are several actions you can take to speak out and act up when there is silence and inaction. Take a look at our campaigning toolkit for ideas on how engage with the Brave Movement in the months and years ahead. Together we can and we will succeed!