Sarah Cooper

SAGE Member and SAGE representative to the GSG


Sarah Cooper

Sarah Cooper is a skilled public speaker, mentor, and advocate for survivors of child sexual exploitation, human trafficking, complex trauma, and physical and emotional abuse. She grew up in foster care until being adopted at eleven years old. A human trafficking survivor herself, Sarah is committed to protecting others from the crimes she has endured.

She now serves on the Global Survivors Council as well as being a member of the ECPAT-USA Survivors’ Council. She has been a featured speaker at the Center for the Advancement of Public Integrity at Columbia Law School; the European Parliament and European Commission on Preventing and Combating Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation; the Massachusetts State Legislature; and My Life My Choice amongst others. She has facilitated peer support groups and assisted in trauma-informed care. She is also experienced in training therapeutic service dogs and volunteers at a therapeutic equestrian center.

Sarah has a BA in Psychology from Cambridge College in Boston, MA. Her story was featured on the cover of the Boston Globe Magazine on August 19, 2020.