Brisa De Angulo, Esq.

SAGE Member and SAGE representative to the GSG



Brisa De Angulo—a lawyer and psychologist—is a human rights activist who has dedicated her life to improving access to justice and healing for child survivors of sexual violence. As a survivor, Brisa uses her expertise to challenge the status quo and promote legislation that safeguards children.

With 20 years of experience working with survivors of sexual violence against children (SVAC), and 23 years working with early childhood development, her insights have created a remarkably effective set of SVAC interventions. Her center for SVAC survivors in Cochabamba, Bolivia implements these interventions on a daily basis, serving more than 500 children every year.

In addition, Brisa is a public speaker, researcher, and author of many books. Her life story, her drive, and her outstanding accomplishments have garnered recognition from around the world. Brisa was nominated as a CNN and BBC hero and has won many international awards, including the World of Children Award.