Our Campaigns

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We are calling for a child rights and protection driven approach to creating a safe internet. Supported by Proxy Impact, SAGE, and the Brave Movement.

#BeBraveZuck Campaign was launched in April 2022, and builds on co-founder Sarah Cooper’s work with Meta shareholders and child safety organizations to hold Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg accountable for their role in facilitating online child sexual abuse. The Brave Movement stands in firm solidarity with Sarah in all of her advocacy and campaigning efforts. Sarah is a member of SAGE.

Abolishing Statute of Limitations

In too many countries around the world, there are arbitrary, archaic, predator-friendly statutory time limits that prevent survivors from being able to press charges against their perpetrators. They also prevent the public from learning the full truth.

Enough is enough! The Brave Movement calls on all governments to ensure that survivors have effective access to justice.

Mobilizing Billions for Prevention, Healing, and Justice

We call on all governments to invest billions of national currencies to rapidly implement full scale, comprehensive, cross-sectoral prevention, healing, and justice policies.