National Calls to Action

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National Demands to #BeBrave and End Childhood Sexual Violence

Survivors, survivor networks and allies have come together in countries around the world to make demands that will mobilize billions for prevention, healing, and justice programs, abolishing statute of limitations, and to ensure children rights driven approaches to ensure internet safety. On this page, you will find the National Calls to Action from survivor networks and allies who are joining forces to end childhood sexual violence, in all world regions.

The #BeBrave Global Call to Action draws on the demands from these National Calls to Action, a G7 Call to Action, solidarity statements, and other campaigns developed by survivors and allies around the world.

National Calls to Action and Solidarity Statements

In addition to these Calls to Action and Solidarity Statements, Survivors and allies in Bolivia, Canada, Italy, Spain and other countries around the world have developed campaigns to end childhood sexual violence that are informing the Brave Movement.

Survivors and allies in many more countries are developing National Calls to Action that will be launched later in this year.

If you are interested in developing your own National Call to Action, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us on