Meet the Team

Brave is a movement led by survivors with different backgrounds whose experiences with sexual violence are varied. But we share a common knowledge of what it’s like to feel alone, to be hidden, to live scared, and to hold onto misplaced blame. We know what it’s like to carry shame.

This is a burden we refuse to carry any longer. We are working in solidarity with allies and transforming our shame into our call for bold and transformative action through the Brave Movement:

For perpetration to be prevented and perpetrators held to account and brought to justice.

For survivors everywhere to find healing, agency, and their power to heal.

To enable adults, leaders, and institutions that perpetuate the silence to transform into allies.

SAGE Members

We are the SAGE (Survivor Advocates Globally Empowered). We are a group of brave and powerful survivors of sexual violence in childhood, using our collective voice to speak out when there is silence and advocating for transformational change. With our wisdom and experience, we help guide the vision and strategy of the Brave movement.

We will create a world where children and adolescents can grow up free from harm, so that no one has to go through what we have.

Global Steering Group

We are the Global Steering Group (GSG) – a network of connected partners with a diverse range of thought leadership and expertise in our respective fields.

The Army of Survivors

Julie Ann Rivers-Cochran, MSW

End Violence Lab at the University of Edinburgh

Dr Catherine Maternowska

Girls Not Brides

Dr Faith Mwangi-Powell

Together for Girls

Daniela Ligiero, GSG Chair

WeProtect Global Alliance

Jess Lishak

World Vision International

Bill Forbes

Global Survivors Advocacy Group (SAGE) representatives to the GSG

Rosalia Rivera

Brisa De Angulo, Esq.

Florence Keya

Together for Girls

Together for Girls is a global partnership working to end violence against children and adolescents, particularly sexual violence against girls.

The Army of Survivors

The Army of Survivors is the only organization in the United States advocating for and supporting athlete survivors of sexual abuse.

End Violence Lab at the University of Edinburgh

Working across 40 countries with government leaders, national universities, research practitioners, front-line service providers and young people.

Girls Not Brides

Girls Not Brides is a global partnership of more than 1,600 civil society organizations from over 100 countries committed to ending child marriage and ensuring girls can reach their full potential.

WeProtect Global Alliance

WeProtect Global Alliance is a global movement of people and organizations.

World Vision International (WVI)

Reducing violence against children is a top priority for World Vision International (WVI).

Brave Movement Action Team

The global action team is dispersed across three continents

Our Priorities

We are a growing movement mobilizing for action from grass roots level all the way through to the international arena.

Act Now

We are rallying a global movement and calling on survivors and allies everywhere to join us!


Whether it’s the law, big tech, or the church, we are fighting targeted campaigns

Work with the Brave Movement Action Team

Thanks for your interest in working with the Brave Movement Action Team, there are currently no open positions.