Global Challenge FAQs

1. What is the purpose of a “National Call to Action”?

We would like to invite all survivors, survivor networks, and allies in every country to develop a survivor-centered “National Call to Action” that develops an agreed list of demand from that are needed for bold and transformational action to end childhood sexual violence. Once developed, a “National Call to Action” can be a critical tool for advocates to put pressure on leaders and decision makers within your country. We also invite you to share recommendations for changes you want to see on a global scale which will inform a shared “Global Call to Action”, which will be collectively endorsed at the Survivors Action Summit on 27th April.

2. Why should stakeholders in your country be interested in developing a “National Call to Action?”

Fully funded, large scale efforts on prevention, healing, and justice are needed to end childhood sexual violence. We must take direct action in ways that we know will be meaningful and far-reaching. A “National Call to Action” is a useful tool for advocates to put pressure on leaders and decision makers within your country. It is a brilliant way to demonstrate the collective demands and recommendations you want to see happen on a national scale in your country, especially with the endorsement of several survivor-centered networks and organizations.

We also know that childhood sexual violence is a borderless crime which requires a multilateral response. The recommendations that you would like to see on a global scale can be used to put pressure on actors globally and to mobilize bold policies and massive new investments through global institutions, such as the End VIolence Fund.

We would also like to showcase, amplify and platform ongoing survivor-centered and ally work taking place in your country in various ways. This includes on our Brave Movement Action Hub website: and the Brave Newsroom.

3. How can I connect with other survivor-centered networks and organizations in my country to submit a Call to Action together?

We invite you to submit your details so that we can connect you with other networks in your country that have expressed interest in participating in the Global Challenge. You can then produce a coordinated and collaborative submission. We will also offer further briefing sessions on the Global Challenge if you need any additional support. Please contact

4. How long should the text of each National Call to Action be?

We have suggested that the demands be a maximum of 2500 words, which is around 4 pages long.

5. What format?

We will have the option of a web form on our website or submission by PDF via email to

6. How is the call to action going to be used? Or, where is it going to be presented?

With your permission, the Brave Movement would like to showcase your demands at our historic Global Survivors Summit (virtual) on 27th April 2022. We will also be sharing and amplifying National Calls to Action through the Brave Newsroom.

7. When should this be presented by?

The deadline is Friday 15th April, but we welcome early submissions.

8. Can our submission be kept confidential?

Absolutely. We will protect your confidentiality and we will not share personal information without your permission. In this case, we invite you to share the number of organizations that you have reached out to, rather than a list of organizations.

9. Can I change or add to my recommendations once I have submitted?

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to accept submissions past the deadline or once they have been submitted. You will have 6 weeks to develop and submit your “National Call to Action”, and we encourage you to take the time to carefully develop your demands. However, we may potentially open the Global Challenge for another round of submissions later this year. Keep an eye on your inbox for any updates!

10. How can I get more involved in your work?

That’s great! We actively encourage and welcome likeminded survivor-centered organizations and networks to support the Brave movement. Please contact for more information on how you can get involved.