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Survivor Sanctuary is a community for survivors of sexual abuse who are navigating the road to healing


Our movement welcomes all survivors and allies to join the global effort to end childhood sexual violence. To do so safely and without harm, we invite all participants and visitors to read the following guidelines.

Child Safeguarding Policy Annex 7(a) Case Reporting and Response Referral Form

Template for case reporting and referrals

Child Safeguarding Policy Annex 7 Reporting and Responding to Concerns

The Brave Movement approach to encouraging reporting and to responding to concerns regarding breaches of its child safeguarding policy is based on the following requirements and principles.

Child Safeguarding Policy Annex 5 Assessing Child Safeguarding Understanding and Commitment

The goal of the Brave Movement is to confirm that partners understand the principles of child safeguarding and have integrated these principles – and associated practices – into their operations.

Child Safeguarding Policy Annex 4 Child Participation Risk Assessment

This Child Protection Risk Assessment has been developed to help Brave Movement staff, volunteer and partners identify and mitigate risks resulting from child participation in Brave Movement activities.

Child Safeguarding Policy Annex 3(a) Consent Form to Interview and Use Images of Children

Draft of a consent form for interviewing and using images of children in communications.

Child Safeguarding Policy Annex 3 Communication and Social Media Policy

In its use of visual images, both photographic stills and video, the Brave Movement’s overriding principle is to maintain respect and dignity in our portrayal of children, families and communities.

Child Safeguarding Policy Annex 2 Checklist for Recruitment and Selection

Within the Brave Movement, staff, consultants and volunteers will be recruited to clear job or role descriptions that include the requirement that successful candidates will sign the Brave Movement child safeguarding policy.

Child Safeguarding Policy Annex 1 Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is designed to support the Brave Movement’s goal and vision by ensuring the highest standards of ethics and behavior by all individuals associated with it.

Child Safeguarding Policy

The Brave Movement is a global, networked and inclusive advocacy movement of survivors and allies to end sexual violence against children. It envisions a world in which all children and adolescents grow up free from the fear of sexual violence.

Over-18 Listening Guidelines (annex 6)

How to listen if an adult survivor comes to you and what you should do

Under-18 Listening Guidelines (annex 6)

How to listen to a disclosure from a young survivor under 18

Over-18 Disclosure Guidelines (annex 6)

Advice if you are an adult and want to tell someone that you are being (or have been) sexually abused

Under-18 Disclosure Guidelines (annex 6)

Advice if you are under 18 and want to tell someone that you are being (or have been) sexually abused