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The Brave Movement is demanding sufficient investment funds to protect and prevent all forms of childhood sexual abuse. Our work will enable social norms to be shifted to break the barriers of silence and thus reduce the stigma for survivors and their families. We know that incidents of childhood sexual violence are widespread, but they are preventable.

Transformational policies and programs must be developed, implemented and scaled to stop childhood sexual violence. The Brave Movement is demanding that policymakers enact bold ambitious global and national agendas to increase attention, pressure and accountability and create the political will to act.

We believe that investment can increase exponentially with a new global institution. An initial commitment of $10 billion would fund the Global End Violence Fund for global prevention, healing and justice programs. Our survivors and allies demand that G7 leaders launch and push for the fund to be endorsed in the ​G7 Communiqué​.

The fund would drive the delivery of high impact solutions to end childhood sexual violence, including in conflict and humanitarian emergencies, create a safe internet eliminating online sexual violence and keep children safe in schools.

Potential sources of funding would be mobilized from domestic resources from all governments, Fair Share Investment from the World Bank, foundations and private actors and societal actors assuming responsibility for ending childhood sexual violence to contribute substantially​ to survivor healing and truth-telling.

We call on all governments to invest billions of national currencies to rapidly implement full scale, comprehensive, cross-sectoral prevention, healing, and justice policies and programs from the local to national level that are inclusive of all institutions and societal actors, including displaced and refugee children and adolescents who are at increased risk of multiple forms of sexual violence, and that address the intersectional and lifecycle dimensions of sexual violence.

We call on all donor governments and intergovernmental organizations to annually invest billions in overseas development assistance (ODA), so that children and adolescents living in low- and middle-income countries, especially in fragile contexts and humanitarian crises, can effectively access prevention, healing, and justice policies and programs.

We call for the transformation of the global financing and action architecture, so that investments can rapidly be delivered to support locally-determined and nationally coordinated high impact prevention, healing, and justice solutions, at full scale to achieve population-wide coverage and impact.