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#BeBraveZuck Campaign

April 27 2022

Supported by Proxy Impact, SAGE, and the Brave Movement

I. About #BeBraveZuck

In 2021, there were over 21.429 million reports of online child sexual abuse material (CSAM), 92% of which came from Meta and its platforms including Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. Meta has announced its plan to apply end-to-end encryption to all its platforms in 2023. Governments, law enforcement agencies, and child protection experts believe that Meta’s encryption plans will make a majority of cases of CSAM invisible. Leaving more children vulnerable while protecting child predators.

#BeBraveZuck Campaign was launched in April 2022, and builds on co-founder Sarah Cooper’s work with Meta shareholders and child safety organizations to hold Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg accountable for their role in facilitating online child sexual abuse. The Brave Movement stands in firm solidarity with Sarah in all of her advocacy and campaigning efforts.

The Brave Movement is calling for a child rights and protection driven approach to creating a safe internet where children and adolescents are safe and secure, free from all forms of digital sexual violence. We call on all technology companies to immediately detect, report, and remove all online childhood sexual violence materials. Online childhood sexual violence is a universal, borderless crime which demands action in every country around the globe.

The Brave Movement envisions a world where there is prevention to protect all children and adolescents–as all children are at immediate and continual risk; healing for survivors, families, and all those affected by childhood sexual violence; and, justice for survivors by holding perpetrators and complicit institutions and families to account.

II. Facebook/Meta Shareholders Advocacy Action

Sarah Cooper, a survivor of sex trafficking who was contacted by a predator through Facebook Messenger, gave a heartfelt speech at the 2021 Facebook annual shareholder meeting in which she described the link between Facebook and her own horrific ordeal. Read or listen to Sarah's statement.

Since 2019 Facebook/Metainvestors have filed shareholder resolutions that ask the company to report on “the risk of increased sexual exploitation of children as the Company develops and offers additional privacy tools such as end-to-end encryption.” Resolutions are voted on at the annual shareholder meeting to raise concern about corporate actions. In 2021, the CSAM resolution at Facebook garnered the support of nearly 980 million shares worth about $321 billion in stock value (based on the closing stock price of the day of the annual meeting). That represents 56% of the non-Zuckerberg controlled vote.

Yet Mark Zuckerberg is the majority shareholder in Meta as well as the CEO and Chairman of the Board. Without his support, change cannot be implemented. With the support of the BRAVE movement, we will be calling on Mark Zuckerberg to be BRAVE and implement safety measures on all Meta platforms utilized by children, these include:

  • Increase Content Monitoring to remove CSAM

  • Improve age verification to prevent grooming and CSAM

  • Work in tighter cooperation with law enforcement to help victims and apprehend predators.

Learn more about the Meta/Facebook shareholder campaign to end online child sexual exploitation.

The Impact

The severity of the issue is increasing. More statistics are being shown that the age of children utilizing online platforms is astronomically younger than ten or so years ago, yet not enough is being done to protect our children. The data shows CSAM rates are increasing at a rapid pace. This issue is one that can only be tackled from a multi prong approach. We need to be holding predators accountable and seeking justice for the victims and their families. Those that are facilitating platforms for the usage of predators to groom, share, and exchange CSAM need to be held accountable as well.

As a member of the BRAVE movement, we advocate for prevention, healing, and justice. Prevention to protect current and future generations from harm. Healing to insure families and victims have the opportunity to heal. Justice not just for perpetrators, but anyone who may be complicit in the harm of children.

It is time for Mark Zuckerberg to #BeBrave. We call for everyone in law enforcement, NGO’s, political affiliates, and every global citizen to become our ally. Take a stand and #BeBrave, so that no child has to endure harm.

III. Meet Sarah Cooper

Sarah Cooper is a skilled public speaker, mentor, and advocate for survivors of child sexual exploitation, human trafficking, complex trauma, and physical and emotional abuse. She grew up in foster care until being adopted at eleven years old. A human trafficking survivor herself, Sarah is committed to protecting others from the crimes and trauma she has endured. Sarah Cooper is a founding member of the Brave Movement. She is an active member of SAGE: Survivor Advocates Globally Empowered, of the Global Steering Group, the Global Survivors Mobilization Task Force, the G7 Survivors Mobilization Task Force, and the Global Abolishing of Statutes of Limitations Campaign Task Force

She now serves on the Global Survivors Council as well as being a member of the ECPAT-USA Survivors’ Council. She has been a featured speaker at the Center for the Advancement of Public Integrity at Columbia Law School; the European Parliament and European Commission on Preventing and Combating Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation; the Massachusetts State Legislature; and My Life My Choice amongst others. She has facilitated peer support groups and assisted in trauma-informed care. She is also experienced in training therapeutic service dogs and volunteers at a therapeutic equestrian center. Sarah has a BA in Psychology from Cambridge College in Boston, MA. Her story was featured on the cover of the Boston Globe Magazine on August 19, 2020.

IV. Campaign Opportunities

#BeBraveZuck is actively exploring expanding our approach to technology company accountability by mobilizing political and congressional champions, children's online protection advocates and the general public to rally their support and ask them to put pressure on Zuckerberg to heed the shareholder resolution.

V. #BeBraveZuck Important Dates

  • Global Survivors Action Summit hosted by the Brave Movement

Launch of #BeBraveZuck

Location: virtual

Date: April 27, 2022, 9-11 AM EST

REGISTER HERE: https://www.bravemovement.org/global-survivor-summit

  • Meta / Facebook Annual Shareholder Meeting

Location: Virtual

Date: May 25, 2022

  • WeProtect Global Alliance Summit 2022

Location: Brussels and Online

Date: 1-2 June 2022

  • Leaders Summit To End Violence Against Children hosted by Global End Violence Partnership

Location: virtual

Date: June 14, 2022

  • G7 Leaders Summit

Location: Bavarian Alps

Date: June 2022

VI. Learn More: Articles on Facebook and Child Sexual Exploitation:​​

For More Information Contact:

Annex 1: No Place to Hide Campaign


Rhiannon is a survivor and subject matter specialist from the Marie Collins Foundation. She recently wrote a letter to Mark Zuckerberg outlining why it’s time to work together on making sure social media platforms protect privacy, without making it easier for child sex abusers to groom and exploit children. Click here to read Rhiannon’s letter