#BeBrave Global Call to Action

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Global Survivors Action Summit

Who We Are

We are the Brave Movement. We are brave so that all children and adolescents can be safe today. We commit to the safety of future generations. We are an inclusive and healing movement of survivors and allies, dedicated to driving advocacy and campaigns to bring forth bold action and transformation to end childhood sexual violence, everywhere, as fast as possible.

We envision a world where there is prevention to protect all children and adolescents – as all children are at immediate and continual risk; healing for survivors, families, and all those affected by childhood sexual violence; and, justice for survivors by holding perpetrators and complicit institutions and families to account.

Our lived experience as adult survivors of childhood sexual violence is finally being recognized. We have lived through trauma, pain, and suffering – worsened by shame, stigma, cover-ups and relentless denials from complicit families, individuals and institutions.

Our healing enables us to emerge with love, empathy, strength, wisdom, and visions of solutions, and our voices are finally being heard! We are SAGE and Brave, and together we can end childhood sexual violence.

As survivors and allies, we are healing together by joining forces to catalyze bold action. We are transforming our pain into a collective passion. We are inspired by a fierce urgency of now, as this is the time, and we are the ones who can end childhood sexual violence. We are mobilizing in families, communities, institutions, countries, continents and globally—as the scourge of childhood sexual violence is tragically relentless and expanding locally and globally, through direct contact and online.

Bravery is contagious, and we welcome you to join our newly created survivor-centered movement, comprised of survivors and all of our allies around the world who share our commitment to end childhood sexual violence. And we are in firm solidarity with movements fighting to end the rampant crisis of adult sexual violence.

What Do We Stand For?

We acknowledge the ongoing efforts by national governments, global institutions, and the private sector to end childhood sexual violence. But more needs to be done. Most countries only have small-scale, fragmented, uncoordinated and underfinanced responses, and we are witnesses to the lack of institutional support, services and investment necessary to end childhood sexual violence in most communities, institutions, and countries.

Our Brave Movement is commited to ending childhood violence wherever it occurs: intrafamilial sexual violence, child sexual abuse, child sexual exploitation, rape, child marriage, sexual violence in dating relationships, and sexual violence among peers. Additionally, child marriage affects millions of girls around the world, and sexual violence affecting girls and boys occurs in local communities, schools and preschools, sports programs, places of worship, in foster care facilities, children’s homes, hospitals, facilities for children with special needs, recreational facilities, and online.

We are determined to ensure that children and adolescents of every age, race, ethnicity, caste, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity are free from sexual violence, even as war, conflict, and the global COVID-19 pandemic increases risk through lockdowns, more online activity, displacement and migration, economic instability, and other factors.

Enough is enough! Together we can use our collective voices, deeds, and actions to speak out and act up when there is silence and inaction. Together we can and we will succeed!

Our #BeBrave Global Call to Action

Our #BeBrave Global Call to Action draws on the demands from National Calls to Action, a G7 Call to Action, solidarity statements, and campaigns developed so far by Survivors and allies in 22 countries around the world, including: Albania, Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Peru, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Spain, Tanzania, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States of America. Survivors and allies in many more countries are developing National Calls to Action that will be launched later in this year.

We call on all survivors, parents, allies, leaders, governments, institutions, and the private sector around the world to #BeBrave today by heeding and amplifying our calls for justice, investment, safety, and inclusion:


We call on all governments to ensure that survivors have effective access to justice by urgently passing laws that abolish the arbitrary, archaic, predator-friendly time limits that prevent most survivors from being able to press charges against their perpetrators. We call for the immediate worldwide abolition of criminal and civil statutes of limitations (SOLs) to guarantee that survivors can bring perpetrators and complicit institutions to justice.


We call on all governments to invest billions of national currencies to rapidly implement full scale, comprehensive, cross-sectoral prevention, healing, and justice policies and programs from the local to national level that are inclusive of all institutions and societal actors, including displaced and refugee children and adolescents who are at increased risk of multiple forms of sexual violence, and that address the intersectional and lifecycle dimensions of sexual violence.

We call on all donor governments and intergovernmental organizations to annually invest billions in overseas development assistance (ODA), so that children and adolescents living in low- and middle-income countries, especially in fragile contexts and humanitarian crises, can effectively access prevention, healing, and justice policies and programs.

We call for the transformation of the global financing and action architecture, so that investments can rapidly be delivered to support locally-determined and nationally coordinated high impact prevention, healing, and justice solutions, at full scale to achieve population-wide coverage and impact.

We call on national governments to co-convene a global pledging event with the Brave Movement and invite all stakeholders to mobilize billions on November 18, 2022, the second annual World Day for Prevention, Healing, and Justice to End Childhood Sexual Violence.


We call for a child rights and protection driven approach to creating a safe internet where children and adolescents are secure, free from all forms of digital sexual violence. We call on all technology companies to immediately detect, report, and remove all online childhood sexual violence materials. Online childhood sexual violence is a universal, borderless crime which demands action in every country around the globe.

We call on all governments and institutions that engage with and care for children (including in the context of sports, faith and religion, education, recreation, health care, and online) to take all necessary action to prevent and end childhood sexual violence. We call for holistic governmental and institutional action that rapidly deploys prevention, healing, and justice policies and programs to catalyze systemic and cultural transformation to end childhood sexual violence by 2030.


We call for the inclusion of survivors on all governance and decision-making bodies at the local, national, and global levels, including the G7, G20, European Union, African Union, OECD, etc. and in the private sector and in research, by establishing Survivors Leadership Councils.

We call for interdisciplinary national and global study commissions to synthesize, assess, and evaluate the latest information on the impact of policies and programs to accelerate aligned and coordinated action. The collective intelligence, sagacity, and wisdom of children and adolescents, adult survivors, caregivers, allies, policymakers, academics, and implementers, can rapidly advance learning and action to overcome
implementation barriers.

We call for local, national, and global official and comprehensively funded, juridically equipped Truth Commissions to allow governments and institutions to finally acknowledge their responsibility for complicit inaction, including the use of sexual violence as a form of ethnic or racial terror, and to credibly commit to implement action plans aimed at ending childhood sexual violence and ensure support and justice for survivors.

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